One More Step – Bonus Gallery

Making the Impossible Possible

Dr. Aminian (far left) and team of doctors from the United States getting ready to perform surgeries in Tanzania.

Opening of our 1st Center in Nicaragua

From L-R, Candace, Mike, Julianna, Bonner and Tyler (Jakey's oldest brother) visitnig Julianna at Usa RIver School in Tanzania.

Bonner with Emil, Head Therapist for Faraja, in front of our 1st Team Jake Center ever.

Bonner and girl In our Team Jake Center recovery ward in Kajiado, Center

Bonner at Faraja Primary School for graduation day with some of the students

Working with a student in the Team Jake Center in Faraja, Tanzania

Project Possbile Board and Family at the Grand Opening of Team Jake Virtual and Rehad Center at CHOC

Bonner on a walk alongside a Maasai tribesman in Zanzibar, Tanzania

2 of our Team (Alicia Varela Tracy and Vic Varela) training the staff of our 1st Nicaraguan Center

Bonner and Tyler on way to Faraja Primary School in Tanzania

A Maasai woman with her child receiveing care at our Team Jake Center in Kajiado, Kenya

Another type of surgery that was done in Kenya for 1 of our boys.

In Team Jake Center in Faraja, Tanzania

Bonner, Dr. Aminian and team at 1st ever meeting with Faraja Primary School in Tanzania

Bonner visiting Julianna at Usa River Vocational and Secondary School

Where our 1st Team Jake was built for Faraja Primary School in Tanzania

A girl showing a glimpse of 1 type of surgery that are being performed at Kajiado, Kenya and now recovering at the Team Jake Center.

Kids living at the Team Jake Campus have to attend school so they dont fall behind while thye get all the treatments before returning to their villages.

At Team Jake Center in Lira, Uganda

Presenting the Banner that is up in every Team Jake Center

Some of the equipment purchased from our donation to CHOC for the Team Jake Virtual and Rehab Center in California.