One More Step

Making the Impossible Possible

Baby Bonner.

On the night before his death, Jake with his father Steve’s marathon medal.

Photo by Alison Robert.

Team Kilimanjaro, including documentary crew and guides. My guide, Minja, is on the bottom row, far right.

Photo by Nancy A. Sinclair.

Day Five of the climb, with Paul and Dilly behind me, my support team every step of the way.

After a grueling night, I made it to the rooftop of Africa.

Juliana before her double amputa- tion surgery.

Photo by Joan Coleman.

Preoperative exam of Juliana by Dr. Aminian.

With my chicken legs in all their glory.

Giving Bompa the African stone necklace before leaving for Kilimanjaro.

These braces were the only way I could survive climbing Kili.

Dilly “bronzing” in the sun.

Celebrating after the summit.

Photo by Shirley “Turtle” Ala.

Dr. Aminian (on right) has been an invaluable partner in helping spread the foundation’s work.

At the center in Africa the foundation helped build, Juliana walks.

Photo by Joan Coleman.

My family and a neighborhood friend. Top row: Mike, Dad, Mom. Bottom row: Me, Matt, and family friend.

The children of the Usa River School gave me hope during some of the darkest hours of the climb.

Base Camp before the daunting Barranco Wall, seen here on the far right of the mountain. Photo by Shirley “Turtle” Ala.

Summit morning. Dazed and exhausted before the final push upwards.

With Ashley, one of my foundation’s leading lights.

Photo by Shane Reichardt.

With Michael Clarke Duncan, narrator of my documentary.

Juliana getting fitted for her new prosthetics.

My trainer Greg LeFever (left) and my Yoda master (Greg Welch).

Mike on the day before Ironman race, setting up my gear. Reuniting with my brother got me through two years of arduous training.

Swim done. Now 112 miles on the bike. Preparing.

Photo by Jesse Brewer.

With Bill Ruddel of Cannondale and 4-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington.

My jump-dance across the finish line, 22 minutes before the cutoff.

Image courtesy of E-PR.

With Jakey’s brothers Brady,Cody, and cousin Daly at my final training race for Ironman.

Photo by Alison Robert.

Go time. 5 a.m. race day.

Image courtesy of E-PR.

The Blue Hat Army, 125 strong, supported me every step.

Image courtesy of E-PR.

My close friend Jesse Brewer urging me onward at the start of the marathon.

Photo by Jesse Brewer.

Welchy was the first to greet me at the finish.

Image courtesy of E-PR.

At Crystal Cove with Mike for my final training swim. This was the same ocean Bompa swam every day.

Photo by Michelle Rodriguez.

With Kevin Robson at the start , both nervous and eager.

Image courtesy of E-PR.

The Blue Hat Army, 125 strong, supported me every step.

Image courtesy of E-PR.

A high-ten and hug with Kevin Robson. Many miles still to run.

Photo by Jesse Brewer.

In the medical tent with Ironman race director Diana Bertsch.

2012 Ironman World Championship
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

With Dad, Mike, and Matt the day after the race.

Image courtesy of E-PR.

At Oakley’s headquarters for the launch of my signature eyewear.

Photo by Shane Reichardt.

The children at the Faraja School in Tanzania supported by the foundation.

Welchy and I came back to watch the 2013 Ironman World Championship.

With Dr. Aminian and a member of the Arpan medical team, meeting with staff at the Faraja School.

My biggest supporters, the Robert family.

Photo by Alison Robert.

My sleep companions for 1.5 years of training and recovery.

Jake’s graveside is adorned with dozens of marathon medals to celebrate his life and lasting inspiration.

Jake’s family at Orange County marathon supporting the foundation.