AIC Kajiado


Purpose Driven Services

AIC Kajiado Child Care Centre was established by missionaries in 1979 for the purpose of feeding malnourished children. Influenced by an increasing number of children with disabilities that have no place in the society, the Centre has gradually transitioned into a rehabilitation clinic for children with disabilities and has offered rehabilitation services to 63,024 people within Kajiado County.

A variety of crucial services are available, including physiotherapy, vaccinations, HIV/Aids testing, and home care for immobilized patients. Devices such as artificial and prosthetic limbs, arm and leg braces, crutches, walking frames, and wheelchairs are all manufactured and maintained in an affiliated workshop.

Fostering Positive Attitudes

Kajiado ranks among the lowest in education levels and the highest in illiteracy levels amongst women of all the Kenyan counties, primarily owing to the large Maasai community and their attitude towards the role of women in society. Most people in the region do not seek medical attention when they fall ill, as they do not know how and where to access it, or simply do not appreciate how important it is.

Educating this community on healthy living empowers them to manage existing illnesses, reduce the number of new and preventable illnesses, and reduce overall mortality rates. Generally, the project aims to increase overall health by fostering positive attitudes towards healthcare and increasing the education levels and scope of healthcare services available.
More specifically, our project that we built for them was a Pediatric ward for disabled children and living quarters for the Doctors and specialists that travel to AIC Kajiado.

Through our Team Jake Center, AIC Kajiado assess approximately 1600 children yearly. In this Center it is determined their health status, level of social inclusion and recovery wings (1 male and 1 female) for disabled children who have had procedures that need to be cared for in as sterile environment as possible to limit risk of infection and best chance of healing well.