Hello all! I am pumped to announce my next big mission. This one won’t have me panting through the dark, the air empty of oxygen, as I climb the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, nor will it be a swim/bike/run on the furnace that is the Big Island of Hawaii. This mission is of a different sort, a literary one, in fact.

Yes, A BOOK! With New York Times bestselling author Neal Bascomb (read Hunting Eichmann or The Perfect Mile, they’re incredible), I am chronicling my Kilimanjaro and Ironman World Championship achievements, along with my own personal struggles with Cerebral Palsy and my battle to give every child with a disability the same fighting chance I’ve been fortunate enough to have in life. It’s part inspiration, part memoir, part adventure story, in collaboration with IMG have sold the rights for publication to Harpercollins, who will release it in 2015!

Now, that’s the news. On to the contest. I need a title, a real grab-you-by-the-throat, got-to-read-it, title. The subtitle will likely be something like “Kilimanjaro, Ironman, and the Moments that Make a Life Beyond Limits”–but we’re not wedded to that either. Whoever comes up with a title (and bonus points for subtitle) wins an all-expense paid trip into my heart. And, better yet, a first-printing, autographed edition of the book (with your title!!!).

So, put on the thinking cap and send me your ideas. The more the better!


Thank you for all of the incredible submissions!