By Jonathan Farrell, Digital Journal

Laguna Beach – Confession is good for the soul as some might say. And, for Ironman athlete and Mount Kilimanjaro climber, Bonner Paddock his confession to a disability lead to some major life-transformation changes.

In his book “One More Step” he details the confession that at first caught him off guard but then propelled him to reach the peak of Kilimanjaro and participate in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.
He realized by participating in those physically and emotionally demanding events that there was much more in life than a fancy car, a high-paying job and all the material stuff of financial success. “Everyone has challenges in life, he said. I was my own barrier in my life. I stopped trying to fit in like everyone else and acknowledged, I have Cerebral Palsy.”

To accept his cerebral palsy was important. It helped to free him from all the notions and misconceptions that had entangled him and kept him from genuine happiness.

Knowing about his handicap or disability was one thing. But to speak openly and honestly in public, without embarrasment or pity was something much more empowering. For most of his life Paddock strived to be the best he could be by aiming for all the things the American Dream emulates. Disability was something not talked about.

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